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Who are the White Helmets? A group of ordinary Syrians doing the extraordinary

When disaster strikes in war-ravaged Syria and the world watches from afar, a group of ordinary Syrians don their trademark ... | 56 minutes ago
Visitors can see famed Florence baptistry's mosaics up close

Visitors to one of Florence’s most iconic monuments are getting a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see its ceiling mosaics up ... | 1 hour ago
Indonesian police in Bali detain Australian wanted by Italy

Police on the Indonesian resort island of Bali have detained an Australian who is wanted by Italy since 2016 on drug ... | 4 hours ago
South Korean lawmakers impeach minister over crowd crush

South Korea’s opposition-controlled parliament has voted to impeach the country’s interior and safety minister, Lee Sang-min, ... | 3 hours ago
Harris says Biden showed bipartisanship despite GOP heckling

Vice President Kamala Harris spoke to ABC's "Good Morning America" after President Joe Biden delivered his first State of the Union address to a new GOP House majority. | 1 hour ago
What to know about Texas ruling that could see abortion drug taken off the market

A ruling coming out of Texas as soon as Friday could potentially lead to an abortion drug, mifepristone, being taken off the ... | 1 hour ago
18-year-old buys 1st lotto ticket, wins $48 million Canadian dollars

She decided to give it a go -- but to her and her family's great surprise, Lamour didn't just end up winning a small amount, ... | 1 hour ago
Formula makers 'exploit' parents' fears: Analysis

A major new analysis alleges baby formula milk companies are using exploitative tactics, preying on parents' worries about ... | 1 hour ago
CVS buying spree continues with $10.6B Oak Street deal

CVS Health is plunging deeper into providing primary care with an approximately $10.6 billion deal to acquire Oak Street ... | 55 minutes ago
China says it was smeared in Biden State of the Union speech

China says it was smeared in U.S. President Joe Biden's State of the Union address that repeatedly mentioned competition ... | 4 hours ago
Biden tangles with Republicans on Social Security and Medicare to heckles of 'liar'

President Biden stood in front of Congress to deliver his second State of the Union address on Tuesday night -- a speech that ... | 2 hours ago
International team suspends investigation into MH17 downing

An international team of investigators has suspended its criminal investigation into the downing of Malaysia Airlines flight ... | 1 hour ago
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